Carla’s Facts To Consider #1: Racist Insults Are Racist

I’ve decided to take out a page from Rae’s book, from Bookmark Chronicles, and start my own “rules to remember” – the only difference will be that everything I state will reside solely in facts because some people like to argue what is morally right, but facts are fucking facts. I’m tired of arguing with ignorant bastards who don’t have a moral compass, so now I’m going to discuss straight up facts from time to time.

This “fact post” comes from when I was talking to some guy who had the audacity to say that a) Trump doesn’t insult people and b) his insults weren’t racist; they were just insults.

If you insult someone, and your insult is racial in any context, that makes your insult racist. It also probably means you’re racist, too, because if you think that’s okay, or funny, well … you’re racist.

There is no middle-ground.

There is no “Oh, it’s sort of racist” or “It wasn’t about race”.

It is. If it wasn’t about race, you wouldn’t include racial slurs or derogatory comments in your insult.

Racism, by definition, “[Is] the belief that all members of each race … [possess] specific attributes to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races”.

That means that when you make assumptions, judge someone, or insult someone, by the colour of their skin – you’re racist.


Donald Trump is a prime example of it.

When Trump says that all Mexicans are rapists and criminals (with the exception of a few), that’s racist.

Fact One: He actually stated this. Fact Two: This is racist. 

Muslims should be deported because of their religion?

That’s not only Islamophobic, but most likely also racist (as many people assume that ‘Arab’ and ‘Muslim’ are interchangeable).

Fact One: He said this. Fact Two: It’s Islamophobic and againprobably racist. 

Wanting to have Muslims wear a special band or badge to identify them?

Also Islamophobic and most likely racist.

Fact One: Trump tweeted this/said it. Fact Two: This is racist and Islamophobic. 

Want to act like this didn’t happen? Trump didn’t make these speeches?

Read these links and watch these videos.

He did say it. He is racist.

Trump is a racist, sexist bigot and if you support him and his views, you probably are, too.

Originally published on The Melodramatic Confessions of Carla Louise.

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Author: carlalouise89

My name is Carla Robinson and I’m 26 years old. I love fashion, cooking, travelling and animals. I’m an English & History teacher, and have taught at three different schools in the past five years. If you’re interested in following me more closely, please check out my Instagram page: Or my Facebook page:

One thought on “Carla’s Facts To Consider #1: Racist Insults Are Racist”

  1. I LOVE this post and absolutely agree with you. I hate when people say racist insults and then later claim that their either not racist or didn’t mean what they said. I know that sometimes, when angry, people say things that they don’t mean, but to say something racist clearly means that you, somewhere deep down, believe it!

    When it comes to Trump, I also agree. There’s no doubt in my mind that he’s both racist and sexist. To be honest, I don’t understand how anyone could want to vote for him.


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