Carla’s Facts To Consider Number Eleven: Americans – Stop Forgetting Other Countries Exist

Often, when I’m talking to a man (sometimes a woman, but this one is directed mostly towards men), we get into a discussion as to why feminism isn’t about gender equality and how men are disadvantaged and women/feminists don’t care about the problems men face.

Which, firstly, is not true – thereby making that a false statement.

Fact: Feminism is about gender equality.

There may be radical feminists that hate men and genuinely think the world will be better off without them, but one could say the same of any group.

Including men that identify as MRAs or MGTOWs. It’s a fact: How frequently do men from these groups declare that women aren’t necessary? That women need to be submissive? That a woman’s purpose is only to serve and satisfy a man?

But yeah, the problem is only with feminists.

Secondly, more often than not, many of these men come from the United States and seem to assume no other countries exist.

Either that, or there’s a lot of incredibly dumb people in the world that don’t realise that different countries (and even different states within different countries) have different laws and are spouting incorrect information they have found on the internet (which obviously no one ever puts false information on the net).

Image result for alien autopsy
Yes, this is totally legit alien autopsy taken from Area 51. Yes, I do hope you can hear the disdain dripping from my voice. 

Fact: Americans, there’s more than one country. When you speak to someone on the internet, there’s a really good chance that they aren’t American. I don’t assume those that I speak to are Australian.

Another fact: There are 196 countries in the world (although, in America, you don’t seem to count Taiwan, despite the fact it’s its own independent country, so you probably think there’s 195 countries, but I digress).  While I don’t expect you to be able to identify each and every one (despite being a Geography teacher, even I can’t do that), I do expect that you understand that there are other countries.

While I’m certainly all for fighting issues outside my country (and I do), not everyone is American. Which means not everyone is aware of the laws and values in your country.

Without Googling it, can you (as someone who is not Australian – if you are, stand down) tell me the law and all its articles in reference to rape?

Without Google, can you tell me Australia’s rape statistics? The average conviction rate and time served for a rapist? Can you tell me if the laws are different in each state and territory? (We have five states and two territories. just to help you out a little.)

I’m guessing your answer is no. Does my request, my expectation, sound ridiculous that I, as an Australian, would ask that of someone who is not? Especially considering that, despite the fact that I studied law, I wouldn’t be able to tell you if the laws were exactly the same in each state? I know there’s a national law in regards to rape, but are all the different articles the same? I, too, would have to Google it.

How about entering the armed forces? Can you tell me, without Google, the laws surrounding enlistment in Australia? If we have conscription? If the enlistment process is different for men and women?

No? Does my request, my expectation, sound ridiculous that I, as an Australia, would ask that of someone who is not?

What about, without Google, can you tell me what laws decide custody in family courts? Can you tell me who is most likely to receive custody? (And no, I don’t mean your opinion. I mean legally.) Can you tell me if Australia has an alimony payment, similar to America’s?

Or is it an unfair request for me to not only expect that everyone around me is Australian, and everyone should share the same equality concerns that I do? That everyone should be up-to-date with the problems men and women face in Australia – problems that may not even be big enough to meet world news?

Not everyone is American. While I do my best to make sure I’m educated, there is a limit to how much I can know about each country, and each country’s problems.

And while this technically isn’t a fact, I need to point out that these same men who have objections to alimony and child support, will, in the same conversation, tell you that feminism discusses first would problem and we need to focus on “more important” issues.

Ironic, isn’t it?

Feminism is a failure because other women have it worse in the world.

But, damn, men have it real bad – they have to pay alimony and child support!

(Although, if you remember, today’s fact is that not everyone is American and each country has different laws. Just so you’re aware: Australia doesn’t have alimony, and child support is based on a person’s wage/salary, to make sure it’s reasonable and affordable. Also, it is calculated in a family court to make sure that the primary guardian of the child(ren) receives custody payments based on who earns the most … which can be the woman in the relationship, but not necessarily.)

Originally published on The Melodramatic Confessions of Carla Louise.

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