Announcement: New Music Page Added!

Hi everyone! We at Serenity have added a new music page to our menu! Overtime, we will be adding songs and music videos to our new music page. The songs that we list, along with their videos, will be those that are either peaceful or relevant to our blog in other ways. Because we want all of you to be a part of Serenity, we would love to hear what songs you would like to see added to the list! Feel free to leave a comment telling us what songs you find peaceful! We ask that you please don’t paste links to videos though. If we find the songs suitable for our blog, we will try to locate the videos and put them up on our page!

Thank you,

Ariel, B., Carla, and Rae


Author: gettingthroughanxiety

B.W. Ginsburg has enjoyed reading and writing for as long as she can remember. Her favorite authors include: Harlan Coben, James Patterson, and John Saul. B.W. Ginsburg published her first book, Rest in Piece, in October 2016. In addition to writing fiction, Ginsburg also writes about mental health. In her spare time, she can be found blogging, watching TV, and listening to music. B.W. Ginsburg graduated college with a B.A. in Arts; she majored in English and minored in writing.

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