Award Exception

Josh’s brilliant response to the first ever Serenity award!

My Friday Blog

Hello dear reader(s)!

A while back, I received a blog award.  Despite my usual award-free blog-type-thing stance, I have made an exception in this case, since it is actual recognition and not a game of nomination tag.  The award is the Serenity Blog Award.  The award is given to those blogs whose goal is “to spread peace and unity through love and respect, while shining light on important topics”, which is apparently something they think this blog-type-thing does.  And maybe from time to time, they are right.

I wanted to display the little graphic thingy, but I can’t get it to show up.  Oh well.

Anyway, I think it is important now, having accepted this award, to explain why I write about peace.

I write about peace the same reason I write anything else.  I write about what is important to me.  I feel that as humans…

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Author: Ariel Lynn

It's always hard to define one's self in a short blurb. I like writing about a variety of topics, though, from reading & writing to feminism & socio-political issues.

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