Shut Up or Complain: A Terrifyingly Flawed Mental Health System


Time and again I come across the same rhetoric in mental health care: if you have any queries, concerns, ideas or wishes other than what is presented to you exactly as is, you are told to complain. Notions of personalised, patient-centred care – though frequently promoted – are often nowhere to be seen in reality, leaving patients with usually a single, standardised care model with little to no discussion, adaptation or deviation allowed.

Discussions with those who actually make the decisions (whether individual team members, leaders or managers) are often either discouraged in favour of complainng or fruitless because ‘their hands are tied’…leading to recommendations of complaint. Even when things go horribly, life-threateningly wrong or immediate change/help is required in emergency situations, patients and their families are usually told “if you’re not happy, make a complaint”. Not only does this come from within teams across the country – who, in…

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Author: carlalouise89

My name is Carla Robinson and I’m 26 years old. I love fashion, cooking, travelling and animals. I’m an English & History teacher, and have taught at three different schools in the past five years. If you’re interested in following me more closely, please check out my Instagram page: Or my Facebook page:

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