The narcissist-elect begins to implode.

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Trump is already losing his shit over perceived insults against him on social media.  I knew this would happen if Trump got elected.  The poster boy for NPD is finding out that sometimes it’s prudent to be careful what you ask for because you might get it.

The U.S. presidency is not like running a business.  It’s not like being a reality TV star either.    It’s an incredibly difficult job with enormous responsibilities that requires someone who is knowledgeable in world and domestic affairs and can hold their own in the political sphere and among world leaders.    It requires someone with the ability to be diplomatic even among enemies and critics.  It’s a job that requires nerves of steel and you can’t afford to let personal slights get to you.   In other words, you can’t be oversensitive.

Trump is incredibly oversensitive and too emotionally unstable for a…

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