Everything wrong with the Tomi Lahren interview

I was trying to avoid talking about this, but it’s literally everywhere and apparently some people still don’t understand why some of the things that Tomi Lahren says are an issue.

This video shows Trevor Noah interviewing her on The Daily Show:

So what’s wrong with her response? I’m glad you asked. Since she started the interview talking about calling people on their shit, I’m going to call her on hers.

  1. As far as accepting the election results, I agree. We can’t change them, it is what it is. Do I agree with the decision made by the Electoral College? Not at all. I personally have come to terms with it, but I will not tell other people what to do. It’s not my place. This election will affect people with different experiences in different ways. They may come to terms with it when they are ready. There are tons and tons of people in this country who are afraid of what these results will mean for them and their families. No one has the right to tell them to “move on” just because it didn’t affect them. PLEASE, somebody tell me when the hell America was “great” Yes this country has made tremendous progress, but going back in time is not going to help us move forward.
  2. “Hands up, don’t shoot” is not a false narrative. Why? Because a black man laid on the ground, put his hands in the air and was still shot. He asked the officer why and his response was, “I don’t know.”
  3. I don’t agree with rioting, looting, and setting things on fire either, but those actions cannot be used to represent the entire movement. Also, if a group of white people were setting shit on fire they would be called “passionate protesters.” You can’t deny that because it has already happened. I’m pretty sure it was over the results of a sports game…..
  4. Let me go ahead and state that while I support Black Lives Matter, I also support law enforcement. The assholes who killed 5 police officers in Dallas cannot be used as the face of BLM simply because they said that they did it “for” the movement. They support BLM, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else who supports BLM supported what they did. I sure as hell didn’t. If a police officers murdered someone and admitted that they were racist, people would say, “Oh, but that’s just one person.” That also needs to apply in this case.
  5. Arguing that you are not racist because you don’t use racial slurs doesn’t mean that you’re not racist.
  6. “I don’t see color” is not an inclusive phrase. Not only is it a blatant lie, you’re trying to pretend that a part of someone’s identity doesn’t exist. That’s not how you embrace diversity.
  7. Attacking Hillary and mentioning that she’s white, also doesn’t mean you’re not racist.
  8. Black Lives Matter is not comparable to the KKK. BLM was not started solely for the intention of harassing, terrorizing, and murdering people. It is not a racist movement. Unfortunately there are some members of BLM who hate the police but again, refer to number 4.
  9. She completely avoided Trevor’s question when he asked what was the “right way” for a black person to protest in America without being seen as a thug, criminal, or rioter. She didn’t say it herself, but it seems like she doesn’t believe that there is a right way. Otherwise, she would’ve offered a solution. We can’t silently hold banners, we can’t march, we can’t wear t-shirts at sports events, we can’t hold our fists above our heads. Saying that all of those are “aggressive” (seemingly for no other reason than the fact that the people doing them are darker than you) is racist.
  10. Oppression of black people is not “perceived” it’s fucking real. I mean seriously, do you watch the news, did you take history classes in school? She’s making it sound like minorities just got together and were like, “let’s make up some shit to complain about” that’s not what happened.
  11. For the thousandth time, Colin Kaepernick’s protest was not intended to be an insult to veterans. In case you didn’t know, our beloved anthem talks about the death of slaves in it. If you actually listen to Colin’s interview after one of the games, you will know why he is kneeling. Don’t make something out of nothing just so you can disagree with him. If you don’t understand the oppression he’s protesting, try listening for once instead of being so eager to run your mouth.
  12. No one said anything about her being white and talking about black issues…..except for her! She does this shit to herself. She makes it seem like she’s being attacked when really she’s planting a seed for people to latch onto when they want to ignore what’s really going on
  13. Protesting doesn’t make you a victim. Maybe I just give a damn about my rights and the rights of my loved ones. Maybe I do it because I’m an ally, because I want equality, because I don’t like to see anyone suffer, and because I care about more than just myself. Laws against the LGBTQIA+ community don’t affect me because I’m cisgender and heterosexual, but that doesn’t mean I’ll just stand by and let people I care about be mistreated. Why is that a bad thing? And Colin Kaepernick is half white and incredibly privileged. He knows that and he has acknowledged it. That is why he’s using his platform to raise awareness. There is nothing wrong with that.
  14. Her comment about Hillary at the end was so classless. Really? That’s how you end the interview? Good job making yourself look worse.

This interview did nothing more than prove that people like Tomi Lahren who ignore facts and refuse to listen to the concerns of minorities while simultaneously telling them that they are wrong, are a part of what’s wrong with America.

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