Manipulation – the Pro-Life Arguments 

Coalition of the Brave

Recently I’ve seen a few blog posts and Twitter entries that are very good at playing the emotional card – using certain imagery and ideas to convey an agenda.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

All these images have something in common – they are all appeals to emotion. In one sense, I understand this – abortion is an emotional subject, and not something undertaken lightly. However, each and every one of these images is not only trying to emotionally manipulate the reader with pictures of babies, they were all posted by a man.

Here are some facts that they missed:

70,000 women die every year because they rely on ‘backstreet abortions’ and cannot access safe medical facilities. You don’t tend to hear the pro-life crowd mention that detail.

Over 1 billion women cannot accessabortion services.

Late abortions (classed as after 22 weeks) account for one percent of abortions.


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