6 Ways to Help Out the Spoonie

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When Mental and Chronic Illness Collide

Having a mental illness or a chronic illness changes a lot about life. It affects our lives in so many ways. Too often the people in our lives don’t know how to take care of us. When someone you know is struggling, here are some ways to help.

  1. Send us a text. It can make our day. We often crave human contact and are so isolated because of our illnesses that a simple text checking in on us can make our day.
  2. Ask, “What can I do for you?” Generally, we are pretty self-sufficient. This is by far the best question to ask someone who is struggling, even if they say there is nothing you can do. It shows that you care about our wellbeing and that you want to help, even if there is nothing you can do. The simple offer is incredibly meaningful.
  3. Invite us to events, even…

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