Stop telling young women that they’re a distraction and teach young men to respect them instead.


School uniforms are very common in South Africa, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. Except when they start trampling all over my feminism then we have a real problem.
I really was not surprised to hear our teachers low key call us sluts. Since it was of course not the first time they did so. The only difference now is that I’m well informed and I will not take it lying down. The girls of Hoerskool Noorderland were outraged yesterday after a brief uniform inspection that morning.
We were called straatmates and home wreckers (not in so many words) and I felt the feminist in me waking up to the sound of male teachers accusing us girls of seducing them. Mind you we are talking of a school that house 14-18 year olds.
Uniforms may be great for learners and help them fit in but in my school…

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