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You are more than your skin colour, your race, your gender, and your physical attributes.

Recently, I was in a heated discussion with a friend of mine about a few things, one of which was the topic of identity.

He defines ‘identity’ in regards to physical attributes – what you first see in a person.

I disagreed. I define ‘identity’ as the collection of the unique features and characteristics of an individual (in this case) has that sets him or her apart from the rest. (According to some websites online, that might be generally what identity is defined as too.)

I have this thing about identities. The first time I actually spoke about identity was with another friend of mine on the topic of race and skin colour. I couldn’t stand with his point of view that he is only his race and skin colour; I almost couldn’t understand.

I told…

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Author: gettingthroughanxiety

B.W. Ginsburg has enjoyed reading and writing for as long as she can remember. Her favorite authors include: Harlan Coben, James Patterson, and John Saul. B.W. Ginsburg published her first book, Rest in Piece, in October 2016. In addition to writing fiction, Ginsburg also writes about mental health. In her spare time, she can be found blogging, watching TV, and listening to music. B.W. Ginsburg graduated college with a B.A. in Arts; she majored in English and minored in writing.

4 thoughts on “Identity”

  1. We believe that identity is the individuality of a person. Discovering our “true selves” is something that requires time and possibly effort but is also very rewarding, inspiring and exciting. What can be more fascinatiing than discovering our true self”? Unfortunately, our fast-paced lives and the fact that many would seem to sooner adhere to how others defiine us (possibly out of fear of being rejected) dictate that the course of self-discovery be rather difficult and rather time-consuming.
    Thank you for posting and best regards from the “Gilmours Nice Place” blog. 🙂

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