Serenity is a place for everyone. Like the title suggests, the page is filled with calmness. We don’t want any trouble. However, like in Firefly, and its subsequent film, we will release River Tam if anyone gets out of line – and if you’ve ever seen Firefly/Serenity, you should know River Tam’s a psycho (but awesome) bitch. You’ve been warned.

There are so far four administrators: Ariel, B, Carla and Rae. Please feel free to email us if you have any concerns, or wish to write a contributing blog post. Our combined email address is serenity.wordpress@gmail.com. Alternatively, both Rae and Carla have Facebook pages you can follow (they are connected to their own private accounts, The Bookmark Chronicles and The Melodramatic Confessions of Carla Louise, and are not connected to their private Facebook accounts) and message that way, if you would prefer.

Both B and Ariel also have their own private blogs: Getting Through Anxiety and Writing RadiationHowever, neither have a public Facebook (hence the separation between the two). Both B and Ariel write and discuss powerful and excellent topics, so please do check out all four personal blogs if you have the time!

We are interested in discussing a whole range of topics, including but not exclusive to: intersectional feminism, mental health, physical health, health and well-being, friendship, loyalty, and social justice topics.

To make sure our page runs smoothly, we will have people monitoring and moderating comments and posts, and we have a strict set of rules that will be enforced, so please make sure you bear them in mind before commenting and/or submitting a post:

  1.  The current admins are Ariel, B, Carla and Rae. If you feel something has been missed during the moderation process, please feel free to contact us to rectify the situation. The email provided is available for everyone in admin to access; or you can email Rae or Carla via their Facebook page (or do both, if you feel it is a timely matter). We will moderate and ensure that the standards of this page are enforced. We will not tolerate abuse, harassment or insults of any kind.
  2. We welcome contributors. Anyone wanting to do a post is welcome to contact us via the above email address, or alternatively, through Rae and Carla’s Facebook pages.
  3. If you do happen to violate any of the rules, you will be given a warning. After all, everyone makes mistakes (this applies both to commenters and blog posters). However, if you do not try to rectify or amend the mistake, and repeat it, you will be banned and removed. There will not be a second warning.
  4. The above is not censorship. We are not the government, nor are we the media. If you want to spew hate and abuse, feel free to do so. It’s your right. However, you are not free from the consequences of such behaviour: one of those consequences is to be blacklisted from this site. Whilst you have the right to be a jackass, we have the right not to listen to you. We are picking the latter. Don’t quote freedom of speech to try and justify any asinine, abusive and disrespectful comments.
  5. This is the internet, and therefore there will be times where someone hasn’t written something that is understood properly. Whilst sometimes people will be straight up dicks, please try and clarify what the person means – sometimes people make genuine mistakes. However, this obviously doesn’t count if someone is directly harassing or abusing you. This is more in the situation where a paragraph or phrase needs clarification because you aren’t sure of the intent or meaning.
  6. Please check the comment section before posting any questions to see if your question has already been answered. It may save everyone a lot of time.
  7. Please feel free to ask questions. We understand that you might not know everything (as no one does). However, please remember that we will be discussing delicate issues, and this is meant to be a ‘safe’ space for people to discuss said issues. If you are confused about something, or unsure about something, please let the person know in advance that you’re unsure of the wording, and you are trying to phrase it to the best of your ability, before asking the question. Above all, try and be respectful.
  8. Despite our acceptance that you might not ask a question in “the right way” (for want of a better phrase), ignorance is not an excuse. You’re all adults. You should be able to ask questions with a decent amount of respect.
  9. If you wish to become an admin, please let us know of your interest (or even a regular contributor). However, this is a process that will be determined by all four current admins, and not by any sole person.

Thank you,

Ariel, B, Carla and Rae