Reading list for your period!

Yes to ALL of this

Rose Read

Guess what, internet? I’m menstruating right now! GASP! I know, right!? Shocker! Let’s talk about it! At the moment I am on day 1. Day 1 is the worst. Part of me wants a Java Chip Frappucino, part of me wants sleep, and part of me wants to bend in half backward because, for some reason, I feel like if I do that, the jackhammer that is currently hammering away on my lower back will stop. I took a shower but I still smell weird, I did a workout, and now I’m writing this post! How normal!

A while back, several bloggers wrote some great posts about how there should/should not be more mention of menstruation in books, specifically in YA. I’m not going to talk about that because my simple opinion is that, yes, we need more of it. But this post, this post, and this post are…

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“That man is lucky to be raped by that gorgeous woman.”

Rants by The Goddess

wtf2 “However, these 28 lucky individuals probably don’t receive a lot of complaints.”

This is one of the posts on the website called Wild Ammo that I came across while searching for images related to sex offenders for my dissertation. Titled ‘28 Convicts You Wouldn’t Mind As A Registered Sex Offender‘, you may want to vomit already.
The gallery contains mugshots of attractive women portrayed to have been arrested for sexual offences, and it implies if you are a straight man, you would surely enjoy getting raped by this attractive woman
This is a pathetic reflection of the gender inequality and norms in our global society. Men are automatically assumed to like sex and they are actually considered ‘lucky’ to be sexually assaulted. If not, he must surely be homosexual.
“Man, I wish I was ‘raped’ instead.”
“He is so lucky! That woman was hot!”
“If he’s complaining, he’s…

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Like that Netflix show? You’ll love this book…

With everything happening in the world – and for all the people (including myself) that are incredibly stressed about the election results – here are some books. It looks like a great list, and reading releases tension for me. Perhaps it’ll do the same for you 🙂

Bookshelves and Biros

I love Netflix. Netflix has saved me from many a hangover, picked me up when the Sunday blues have gotten a bit too much (real talk: this happens virtually every Sunday) and kept me company on many a quiet Friday night. If there’s anything I love more than Netflix, it’s book recommendations based on Netflix binges.

If you’ve ever watched a Netflix series and then thought “damn, I wish a blogger would create a list of books similar to this series so that I can binge those too” then you’re in the right place.

I got ya, boo.

Stranger Things


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Stranger things is a gloriously eighties ode to classic Sci-Fi, male friendship, fantastically bouffant-y hair and being the biggest geek you can possibly be. If Barb is your gal or Eleven is your superhero spirit animal or even if you just really, really like Dungeons & Dragons, then you’re…

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